How to take care of cell phone battery?

Nowadays, mobile is the most usable device. Users always want enough batteries in their mobile phones to use at the end of the day. When we use mobile phones, the most frustrating thing we face is the low battery signal. Every user wants a mobile from a Cell Phone Store In Dallas with long-lasting battery life. Whatever model or brand of mobile phone you have, its battery condition depends mostly on two factors. The first one is how many hours you use your mobile phone in a day, and the second one deals with one-time use of the mobile phone.

The mobile battery should be appropriately kept then. Only it will perform nicely and give you a chance to use it at the end of the day. For long-lasting batteries, the mobile phone user should keep some factors in mind so that their portable battery will be safe. They are as follows:-

Charging cycle- the mobile battery also has a charge/discharge cycle. Mostly charge/discharge cycle is around 300 to 500. The process of battery means from full battery to empty battery. As we start using phones, the battery capacity declines after every use. It’s challenging to calculate the battery cycle of a mobile phone in a realistic. No one waits for the complete shutting down of the battery. As per Dallas Cell Phone Repair, one can extend the life of their mobile phone by changing the charging habit of their mobile phone, which is quite tricky.

Avoid using it during playing games and watching videos. Most people use their mobile phones when it’s a plugin, especially while playing games and watching videos. This affects the. Life of the battery adversely. Doing this thing declines the battery life, and soon your battery becomes useless.

Reduce the brightness of your screen– you can extend your battery life by keeping the brightness of your mobile low. The mobile with higher pixels required more battery. People need a high battery when they are out of their house at midday. Keeping the brightness like this helps in using the optimum. You can keep your battery level low when you are inside your home. This will help you as the mobile phone brightness will automatically adjust according to the required brightness level.

Temperature– it is recommended to use your mobile phone where the temperature is between 0 zero degrees to 35 degrees Celsius. Most Cell Phone Store In Dallas of mobile phone design the phone in such a way that the phone is switched off when the temperature is not appropriate for it, which protects the phone from getting damaged. But when it’s essential, they only use it for important calls, emergencies, and other necessary things.


Keeping in mind the above things shared by Dallas Cell Phone Repair helps you to extend the life of the battery. Using a battery with care will extend battery life. Using it properly ensures the long last life of a battery as well as a phone also.