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6 Ways To Resolve Your Tablet Black Screen Issue

One of the most common problems you may encounter with your tablet is the black screen issue. The tablet’s black screen could have a lot of reasons. But luckily, there are some solutions to fix the problem, or you can get it fixed by Tablet Repair in Dallas. Let’s look at how to resolve your system tablet’s black screen issue. 


Resolve system, Windows or iOS SysIssuesssue


Generally, the black system’s lack can be easily solved by having a factory reset. But sometimes, it isn’t easy to perform a factory reset because of the black screen. The usual cause of this issue is security errors. You can get it repaired by any professional at Tablet Repair in Dallas


They can use the right set of tools to perform this step. However, you can also try it by yourself by navigating your tablet setting option. But it is always better to have professional instruction before you perform the step. 


Wipe Caches


Press and continue holding on to the power button and the down volume button. You can get to see the option for system recovery. Once the recovery mode comes here, use the volume up and down button to reach the wipe cache option. Then select and confirm the action by tapping on the power button. You can see your device to wipe all the caches. Clear the caches and restart your tablet to get the issue resolved. 


Recharge The tablet


Don’t overthink that a black screen on a tablet means the death of the device. Connect your tablet to a power socket and let it be charged for at least 30 minutes. If the tablet is still black on the screen, then it would be a severe issue. So, call the professional immediately. 


Restart The Device


Restarting the device can solve your issue with the tablet’s black screen. Here is how you can continue the machine are given below:

  • Press and hold the volume and power button together for a few seconds. 
  • You can also press the volume down button to see other options and restart. 


Remove the Battery From The Tablet


Nowadays, most system tablets don’t come with removable batteries. So, you need specific tools to remove the battery. However, it is not recommended to use these tools for removing batteries, as this can damage your tablet. 


In case you have old system models, then you can work with these tips. Just take out the battery and keep it like that. After some time, put the button and try to switch on the tablet.


Uninstall The Incompatible Apps


Incompatible applications or downloading new apps from any untrusted source can damage your tablet and make the screen black. Some of the applications continuously crash frequently and make the tablet screen black.


 But you must first identify those applications to get rid of this issue. If you can’t place it, remember the apps you have installed before the tablet screen appears black. Just kick out those applications from your tablet. 




Thall is an easy solution to fix your system tablet’s black screen issue. If you are unable to do that by yourself, call Tablet Repair in Dallas, who can help to get rid of the problem.


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